Composting Boxes

Emsa Composting

Reduce Your Overall Waste

Where? At your Office, Restaurant, Residential or Event

  • reduce your garbage costs by having less garbage

  • fight global warming and be a leader in sustainability in your residence and workplace

  • You can reduce your waste by up to 40%

How it works:

  1. We deliver a composting bin to you.

  2. You fill the bin with your organic waste.

  3. Each week our team will empty and refresh your bin.

We collect organic waste from a small stainless steel bin from your office kitchen, thoroughly clean it, and take your waste to be responsibly composted. Bins are cleaned using an all natural anti-bacterial cleaner. Our compost bins do not smell or attract pests.

Our waste collection is specialized - our team members require no help from your cleaning staff or property management team.

If you need all of your office recycling removed - call us for a free quote. (need phone number)



What information needs to be collected for the composting business?